Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy:


This privacy policy will explain how we, and our company, gather, use, protect and share information that relates to our services, as well as your available choices concerning how we collect and use your info.


The Company is dedicated to protecting the privacy and security of importers, exporters, employees and any other individuals served by us. The proper protection of any and all information acquired in the day-to-day activities is a huge part of this commitment.

We follow several principles for the Protection of Personal Information and also those embodied in privacy legislation that is applicable to be certain that all data is efficiently and safely collected, used only for its assigned purpose, and safely disposed as quickly as possible when it is no longer needed.

What types of information do we collect?

Based on the services that you use, we collect various types of information about or from you.

The things that you do and the information that you will provide

When you use our services, such as by signing up for an account, messaging others or sharing, we collect the information that you provide. We also retrieve information about the way in which you make use of the service. This includes the types of information that you view and the duration of your use.

The things that others do and the information that they provide

Similarly, we collect information that other people may make available by using our services. This can include information about you, which can be created by sharing a picture of you, messaging you or uploading, syncing and importing your contact info.

Networks and connections

We can also collect information about the people to whom you are connected. This can include the people you message most or any groups that you regularly share in. Also, we collect contact info that has been uploaded, imported or synced from a device.

Payment information

If you use these services for any transactions, we will collect info about said payment or transaction. This includes credit/debit card information and other account information, as well as shipping and billing information.

Device information

We collect information about the devices on which you access our services. This depends on the permissions that you’ve given to us. If you use different devices, we may associate the information taken from all of them in order to give you consistent service regardless of which device you use. The following are a few examples of device info that we collect.

  • Operating system, device settings, file names/types, hardware version, signal strength and battery strength
  • Geographic locations via Wi-Fi, GPS or Bluetooth
  • ISP, language, mobile number, IP address, browser type

Information from websites and apps that use our services

When you use sites or apps that use our services, we collect information. This includes info about those sites and apps, info that the site or app developer provides to you as well as info about your use of our services on those sites and apps.

Information from third-party partners

We receive info about you as well as about your activities on social media sites from our third-party partners. This includes information about your experience with these partners or any interactions that you may have.

How do we put this information to use?

We care about creating personalized, entertaining experiences for our uses. Therefore, we use this information to help us provide our services. We do this by:

Providing and bettering our services

We provide services, customize our content and make suggestions by using the information that we gather to fully comprehend how you use our services and the people you connect with on our services.

We use location information to personalize our services for you. We help you check-in, find events in your area and tell friends where you are.

Communicate with you

In terms of communication, we use your information for marketing as well as to inform you about our existing terms and policies. Also, we use your info to contact you or to respond to your messages when you contact us.

Promote your safety and security:

We use our information to verify any accounts and their activity. We also use it to promote the safety of our services by investigating any suspicious user activity and term violations. Using engineers, our automated systems and technology such as encryption, we try our best to protect your account. Our easily usable security features add even more protection to your account.

How is this information shared?

People who use our services connect with others and share things. This is possible by sharing your info in a number of ways:

People with whom you share and communicate

When you share or communicate with other people via our services, you’re able to choose who sees what you’re sharing.

People who see the content that others share about you

Other users use our services to share content involving you with their chosen audience.

Apps, websites and third-party integrations that use our services

When you use third-party apps or sites that are use our services, they may be able to have access to the information that you share or post (on our forums or social media pages).

How can I manage or delete the information that is collected about me?

We keep the data that we collect about you for as long as we need to in order to provide services to you and others – like the services listed above. The information linked to your account will remain until you delete your account, unless of course we do not need the information anymore.

You are free to delete your account at any time. When you do this, all of the things you posted are also deleted.

How do we respond to legal requests?

If we receive a legal request, like a subpoena, a court order or a search warrant, we might access and share your information. This also includes responding to any of these legal requests that are made from outside of the United Kingdom, if it is apparent that such a response is legally required and is relevant to international standards. We may access and share this information also in cases where we believe that it is necessary in order to avoid/prevent fraud or some other illegal activity, seek to protect ourselves and our users, and seek to prevent harm or even death.

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